About Us

Thanks for visiting our website! We are so excited to be the exclusive distributor for Magic Nuudles in Australia.

This wonderful product appealed to us for its ease of use, appeal to a large age range, no mess and the fact it's environmentally friendly.

With a big push away from plastics which is affecting the type of craft products many schools and childcare centres can offer, these wonderful and versatile Nuudles are meeting the environmentally friendly requirements for centres and schools.

Anyone of any age can make anything their imagination desires from Nuudles.

Smaller kids can enjoy using Nuudles by sticking them to paper templates, a great way to teach colours or letters. They are a great tool for older kids to make projects that are themed based for school projects ie under water theme, Australian theme. And for adults, it's great therapy!

Our website includes a How To Section to show you how you can roll, pinch and cut your Nuudles to make your creations. And there's a whole section for inspiration videos and photos to get you started on your Nuudle creations.

Follow us on Instagram as we add more projects that are themed around holidays. Throughout the year you'll find Mother's Day cards, Christmas decorations and Halloween projects.

Please share with us your Nuudle projects by emailing photos to info@magicnuudles.com.au or tag your Instagram photos with @magicnuudlesau.


Magic Nuudles are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Made of corn starch and food colouring, this environmentally friendly craft is not only good for kids but it's also good for the planet as they completely break down in water.

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